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Jolanda Bakker - van der Ploeg

I am born in 1981 and raised in Middenmeer in the Netherlands. I live in Schagen together with my husband and two children.

I get my inspiration by being outside in nature, just when i was a child in Middenmeer; walking, kayaking or by boat. I make pictures for inspiration. The small details of nature inspires me endless and also the beautiful colors and sunlight. I combine impressionism and more expressionism in my work, so i can create my own world from what i have seen into a homely atmosphere and harmonic and serene ambiance. Old fashioned but Modern, i paint loosely and colorfully. I'm  inspired by Matisse, Monet and David Hockney.

I use professional acrylic paint of Lascaux because it dries fast and you can paint it in layers with bright colors.

I was always drawing and painting when i grew up and i attended painting courses. I was a member of the Schager art circle an art group in Schagen for 9 years. At the age of 30 i studied at the MIX Art Academy, Amsterdam Art academy for a period of 4 years. After the Academy i was coached by my former teacher of the Amsterdam Art academy to be a professional artist.

Mix Academy Amsterdam

I studied at the Mix Academy in Amsterdam during  4-years, from 2009 - 2013.

'The MIXacademy facilitates the discovery of the students ‘true self’ and guides the development of their own style through education. To be creative from within, not to enforce upon, but using what is already there and focusing on your strength. Everybody is unique in using their creativity.'

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